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Want to Be A Fashion Writer? Here Are Some Tips

Fashion writing is not very different from other categories of writing. However, the thing that makes it different as well as interesting is the fashion industry. If you are a budding writer and have immense love for fashion, then this can be a potential career for you. Here are some tips to ace in the field.

Who is A Fashion Writer?

The fashion industry is always evolving and it is difficult to keep up with the trends. This is when a fashion writer steps up. A fashion writer’s job is to research the latest fashion trends and keep their readers updated with the same. Also, they report the news related to the fashion industry.

Another part of their job is to attend fashion shows and make connections with all kinds of people in the fashion industry to stay up to date with all the latest happenings in the fashion world. Fashion writers usually work for magazines, tabloids, online media and newspapers.

How To Become A Fashion Writer

Now that you have completely understood what is a fashion writer, have a look at some tips to become one.

Get A Degree Or Do A Certificate Course

Although getting a degree is not mandatory but it will definitely be beneficial if you have a degree in journalism, mass communication or literature. This will just make your journey easy and help you get more opportunities. This will also help you build the necessary skill set.

However, if you can’t go for a degree course, then a short-term certification course will also be beneficial for you. Therefore, make sure to do at least one of them.

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internship fashion writer

Internships help you get exposure in the real world and you will get an idea about what you are stepping into. This will allow you to learn all about the working environment. Also, this is a great way to make connections for the future.

You should look for internships at reputed media houses, magazines, newspapers, online platforms and publishing houses. Finding an internship at a big brand name can be difficult, however, will be extremely helpful for you in the future as it not only looks good on your CV but they might also offer you a permanent position.

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Make A Strong Portfolio

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portfolio fashion writer

When you are in the creative field, then a resume is not enough to make a successful career for yourself but you will also need an impressive portfolio. A portfolio is basically a document that contains all your work including articles, blogs, etc. This will help you showcase your work and will also help the employer to know all about you.

Build Strong Network

Not only for a fashion writer but in all professions, networking is the key. Through networking, you can connect with people in the same industry, thus, increasing your chances of getting a great opportunity. To become a fashion writer, you should try to connect with other fashion writers, critics, bloggers, etc.

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