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The Queen Of Beauty

Welcome to The Funk Boutique, The Root’s Weekly Fashion and Beauty Roundup

In October 2020, Kelly Rowland announced her debut design collaboration with JustFab, after years as a an ambassador for their Fabletics line. Rowland’s first collection dropped on March 1, 2021, featuring a diverse collection of clothing and accessories such as tube tops, bodycon dresses, blazers, heeled sandals, sneakers and boots in pastels and neutral tones.

According to WWD, the collection itself was designed at the beginning of quarantine and inspired by the power of Greek goddesses. Rowland told Harper’s Bazaar that with respect to power, she feels “[women] are constantly fighting for that, for ourselves, for each other, for another generation, for the most simple things.” The collection is meant to help build the mentality of power in women and allow them to grow into their best selves.

“Every designer has a muse. When I began designing my collection for JustFab, I was struck by the unique situation around me,” said Rowland, adding: “With the world facing unprecedented times and on my own pregnancy journey, I was captivated by the miraculous power of women. The muse of my collection was not an individual—it was all women: their power, their creativity, their beauty. This collection was inspired by strong women with style, designed for strong women with style.”

— Kelly Rowland via JustFab

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Photo: JustFab

But also, can we talk about Ms. Kelly Rowland’s iconic pregnancy moments in the promotional photos for this drop? She slays in each and every photo, in all colors, all styles. She’s just doing the damn thing–that thing being powerful, beautiful and Black.

Nykhor, Warrior Collection Muse

Nykhor, Warrior Collection Muse
Image: JustFab

The “Warrior Collection” is the first of three to be released this season. The “Creative Collection” and “Grace Collection” will drop on April 1 and May 1, respectively.