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The Queen Of Beauty

Whatnot Partners With UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal

“The idea is if we can leverage these people who have incredible audiences—and influence over that audience—in the world of venture capital, you’d be able to help make those businesses move forward faster,” Groves said.

PLUS works to create celebrity partnerships by identifying each client’s passions and finding companies that align with them, Groves said. From there, the venture firm can reach out to prospective partners from its many contacts and can help evaluate businesses that approach its clients. Recently, PLUS paired actress Nina Dobrev with the candy company SmartSweets after she had told them about her love for its snacks.

Celebrity entrepreneurship has shifted quite a bit in recent years, Groves said. While celebrities are paid for endorsements, Groves said investing allows them to gain equity from the growth of companies that benefit from their work.

“Like in movies, for example, where they’re earning a residual along the way, they thought, ‘You know, if we’re going to partner with these brands and create a tremendous amount of enterprise value, we should be able to capture some of the upside that we’re generating, too’,” she said.

Partnering in this way also allows her clients to work with a wider range of brands, including small brands that often can’t afford to spend millions on endorsements. Investing allows high-profile individuals to represent brands they care about, Groves said.

“The last piece of the puzzle was a drive towards authenticity,” Groves said. “A lot of these high-profile artists and athletes are not interested, once they’ve achieved some sort of level of success, in partnering with brands that they don’t personally align with.”

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