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The Queen Of Beauty

Williston Halloween supplier sees flurry of last-minute shoppers

WILLISTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Halloween is this Sunday and locals have been shopping.

Whether it’s bags of candy or a last-minute costume, people have to get ready before they head out. “Usually, I sew my costume, but not this year,” said Pamela Salant, a shopper from Jericho.

“I’m trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween,” said Colleen Choma, another shopper.

Williston’s Spirit Halloween store is seeing last-minute guests excited for more typical festivities. “I have a nephew who is trick-or-treating and we are going to do the whole thing around the neighborhoods,” said Salant.

Spirit store manager Cassandra Child says it’s like a spell has been cast. “This year has been insane, it’s been nuts.” She says They’ve been crushing sales goals, in some cases doubling their target. A mad dash for all things dress-up, but not just for people.

“There were three different shelves full of home décor, and they were gone, Every time we would get a new order in, it was gone, it was gone, it was gone,” said Child. She says sell-outs can only be a good sign. “Now they are ready to decorate their houses and do more parties and entertain one another, which means our community is feeling safer.”

Locals say it’s time for some fun again, no matter what Halloween fun looks like for you. “I’m enjoying it and it’s fun, and I’m going to be a skeleton,” said Salant.

“I’m looking forward to the dances and to see people dressed up and actually interacting with one another and just have the community come back together,” said Choma.

Safety is also being planned this Halloween weekend. The South Burlington Police Department has basic tips for the holiday. If you’re out trick-or-treating, travel in packs and always have an adult present with children. Bring some flashlights or glowsticks. Also, if you’re a house welcoming trick-or-treaters, try to keep your area as well lit as possible.

If you’re driving, watch out for little witches ghosts, and ghouls out walking in neighborhoods.

South Burlington Police Chief Shawn Burke says to always be ready when out and about. “It is on a Sunday evening this year, I can’t imagine you are incredibly late to anything too important. Slow down, be very mindful around crosswalks and where driveways meet sidewalks. Be ready for the unexpected, whether that’s a dog that escapes from a house or a kid that darts out in front of a car,” he said.

They also want to remind adults out celebrating to drive sober and to be respectful and mindful of how everyone could be handling trick or treating with COVID-19 this year.

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