18/06/2024 2:56 AM


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Woman shows off hilarious online shopping fail as ‘Slender Man’ tracksuit bottoms are so long they come up to her HEAD

VIEWERS were shocked and horrified by this woman’s hilarious online shopping disaster.

After ordering a pair of tracksuit bottoms on AliExpress, Tiktok user Levi got a lot more than she bargained for.

Levi says that the joggers look "lovely" before you notice the length


Levi says that the joggers look “lovely” before you notice the lengthCredit: @levikw7/TikTok

Before noticing the full length of the trackies, Levi says that they look “lovely”.

Holding the joggers up to her body, Levi shows that they come all the way up to her head.

Levi says that she’s around 5’7”, so the joggers are insanely long.

Most commenters found the video absolutely hilarious.

The trousers are almost as long as 5'7" Levi


The trousers are almost as long as 5’7″ LeviCredit: @levikw7/TikTok

“I am absolutely p***ing myself”, said one viewer.

Another wrote, “I just snort laughed watching this. Brilliant”, while a third commented, “Oh wow I wasn’t expecting that. Laughed hard at that”.

Some, however, pointed out that the joggers were meant to be “stacked”, meaning that they should be gathered at the ankle. 

This, they said, was why the tracks had so much extra fabric.

Levi's feet are totally covered up by the excess fabric


Levi’s feet are totally covered up by the excess fabricCredit: @levikw7/TikTok

“They’re stacked joggers so when you put them on the ends should ruffle up and look really cute”, advised one viewer.

Another said: “They’re stacked! Put them on and let the extra fabric gather at the bottom.”

In a follow-up video, Levi addresses these comments, saying “I know they’re stacked joggers, I ordered stacked joggers, but I’ve had stacked joggers before that were NOT this long.”

Some people offered Levi advice on how to fix the hilariously long trousers.

“Get some elastic and sew it into the seams on the inside to make them scrunch at the bottom”, advised one viewer.

Another suggested that good shoes could fix the look: “Put some heels on!”

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