Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub Is My Skin Hero

There are very few beauty products or trends about which I’ll go out of my way to text friends, chat with colleagues, or interrupt dinner conversation to passionately talk about — then not rest until everyone else tries it, too. But I can now confirm that at least one product provokes this in me, as I’ve done all of the above in just this past week alone: the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate™ Resurfacing Body Scrub.

Yes, I’m this excited about something that doesn’t even go on my face. But maybe that’s why I’m so enthused: So much skin care prioritizes the face, practically ignoring the rest of the body, and I’d gotten into the habit of doing the same (sorry, skin on my limbs!). So when I finally found a product that actually made the skin on the rest of my body feel as good as that on my face,

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Body scrubs for soft and smooth skin

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Whether you are considering a spray tan or simply want to tackle a patch of dry skin, then a body scrub is your best beauty friend.

Made with exfoliating particles and nutrient-rich ingredients, a quality scrub should hold pride of place in your bathroom cabinet. Read on for a round-up of three great new options to crop up on the market.

Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub

Feel like it’s time to add a touch of luxury to your shower? Look no further than Kate Somerville’s brand-new ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub. This formula contains a combination of lactic and salicylic acids to chemically exfoliate, while the addition of papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes buff away dry, rough, and flaky patches without leaving the skin feeling dry, tight, or stripped. Apply to cleansed, damp skin and massage the scrub in circular motions. Leave for a

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Best Body Wash for Men in 2022: The Best Body Wash Will Turn Any Shower Into a Spa

We rounded up the absolute best body wash on the market, because “bar soap versus body wash” is basically the “boxers or briefs” of bathing. And if you’re in the liquid corner of that debate, you need some soap that’s as hydrating as it is cleansing. It’s gotta smell fresh—or perfectly neutral. (Many people prefer a fragrance-free option, often due to sensitive skin.) In some instances, it’s got to neutralize bacterial buildup or counter acne-prone skin. Maybe you need an inexpensive workhorse body wash, or you’re after something more luxurious. No matter what exactly you’re after, there’s a pick for you below, in this lineup of the 16 best body washes

The Best-Smelling Body Wash

Aesop Citrus Melange body wash

We were hard pressed to be unfaithful to Aesop’s Geranium Leaf body wash, a longtime favorite. But this newer Citrus Melange light-foaming cleanser is vying for prime shower caddy

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Best Body Washes for Women: Most Luxurious Body Wash & Shower Gel

The Luxurious Body Washes to Elevate Your Bathing Routine
It’s time to pay more attention to body wash. Annie Sheehan for Observer

When it comes to taking care of your skin, face products tend to get the most attention. There’s nothing wrong with that; a quality skincare routine is a total game-changer, and also one of our favorite ways to practice self-care, whether it’s splurging on a fancy face cream, spritzing on a luxurious perfume or getting all dolled up with your favorite beauty look just because. Let’s not forget, though, that it’s also important to take care of the rest of your body, because skincare extends beyond just your neck—and yes, that is a reminder to pull down those face products to your chest.

We use body wash every single day, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to generate quite the level of excitement or attention as, say, a face wash. Considering the importance we place

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