Here’s How Much Money Men Really Spend On Grooming Products

There’s a prevalent stereotype about the typical American man’s grooming habits. We’re led to believe he pays significantly less attention to his routine than most women and leans heavily on a drugstore-brand 3-in-1 wash for most of his needs.

But a 2019 Mindbody survey found that men prioritize beauty and grooming as much as women do, overall spending just slightly less on average than women. They attributed the difference in male spending to a higher number of men saying they rarely or never get beauty or grooming services.

HuffPost spoke to eight men of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, locations and occupations about their grooming routines. We found that like women, many men aren’t afraid to pay top dollar for a product or service that’s just right for their needs. They love a well-working bargain product just as much as a specialty brand, and many of their daily and weekly regimens

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Shopping for a home and scared of COVID-19? Here’s how real-estate agents are keeping clients safe

Jacob Passy

‘Whenever I see a new place, I have to sign forms about COVID-19, such as if I have traveled anywhere, tested positive recently or know anyone who has’

‘The Big Move (link)’ is a MarketWatch column looking at the ins and outs of real estate, from navigating the search for a new home to applying for a mortgage.

Do you have a question about buying or selling a home? Do you want to know where your next move should be? Email Jacob Passy at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).

Dear MarketWatch,

I have been looking to buy a home these last few months, but am getting more and more worried about how to do so safely in the middle of a pandemic. Whenever I see a new place, I have to sign forms about COVID-19, such as if I have traveled anywhere, tested positive recently or know anyone who

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Activists Pushed Retailers to Back Black-Owned Brands. Here’s How Nordstrom Responded. | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Beauty entrepreneur Sharon Chuter was approached by what felt like “every retailer on the planet” last year after the Black Lives Matter movement exposed how few Black-owned brands are carried by national chains.

After many companies published messages of solidarity with the anti-racism movement, Chuter started the hashtag #PullUporShutUp, urging brands to disclose how many Black leaders they employ. That, along with designer Aurora James’ 15 Percent Pledge urging retailers to spend 15 percent of their buying budgets on Black-owned businesses and other pressure campaigns by activists and consumer groups, sent retailers scrambling to add more Black-owned brands to their shelves and websites.

But like many Black founders, Chuter found the offers that rolled in underwhelming. She had launched Uoma at Ulta Beauty and Selfridges in 2019 and wanted any new wholesale partners to take her brand as seriously as Revlon or L’Oréal. Instead, many retailers proposed short-term, high-margin

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New York Fashion Week Is Going Virtual, Here’s How to Tune In

The New York Fashion Week spring 2021 season is unlike any others due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With most shows and events going virtual, the general public now has more ways to participate than ever before.

Most designers are taking on hybrid formats for their fashion shows, including livestreams, look books, videos or other digital activations. Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff, for example, are hosting physical shows and events with a limited audience that will be simultaneously livestreamed.

In addition to fashion shows, the season will also include free events and programming that people can access digitally. For example, IMG is returning with its series of panels and events, this time with the Black in Fashion Council, The Wall Group and Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, among others.

Here, WWD rounds up the free virtual events taking place during New York Fashion Week spring 2021.


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