The biggest night in fashion is making a stellar return this year

a woman in a wedding dress: Met Gala

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Met Gala

The much-awaited Met Gala, which takes place every year, is making a comeback this September after a virtual event took place in 2020.

From celebrity star-studded red carpet looks to an opulent décor enchanting the venue, fans wait in anticipation for this themed event, which was born to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The exciting news was announced on the Met Gala’s official page with an image of Anna Wintour captioned, “We are being treated this year with a two-part extravaganza. The first exhibition, titled ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’, opens in September and will focus on contemporary fashion. The first instalment (and much anticipated!) of the Met Gala is planned for 13 September 2021.

“The second, ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion,’ will open – as is tradition – on the first Monday of May

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The Coat Trends We Predict Everyone Will Be Wearing This Year

The Telegraph

The most infuriating things about airport hotels

There is always an element of risk in trying to second guess the plans of a government that is more prone to U-turns than a seven-year-old, living in a suburban cul-de-sac, given their first bike and told to exhaust themselves before bedtime. Still, here we are, almost a year into this crisis, and the Number 10 carousel is again, as Kylie Minogue kind of said, spinning around, move out of my way, I know you’re feeling me ‘cos you like it like this. Today, we were told, was the day we would be given the full facts on the recently announced policy of obligatory hotel quarantine for travellers arriving in the UK from certain “high-risk” countries. This headline-grabbing idea has been the talk of travel for the last fortnight, but beyond the requirement to hunker down for 10 days, exact details

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6 New “Ugly” Shoe Trends Descending on the Fashion World This Year

There’s nothing that fashion loves more than subverting expectations and flipping the script on antiquated fashion rules. The new prevailing fashion mentality puts unique personal style front and center, inspiring people to dress for no one but themselves.

That ideology is exactly what sparked the sartorial world’s obsession with “ugly” fashion. “Ugly” fashion is one big tongue-in-cheek response to dressing for one’s body or choosing “flattering” clothing. What was once considered lowbrow has become cool and is now worn both ironically and unironically. If you’re still confused, just think back to how Birkenstocks, once the premiere middle-class dad sandal of the century, became a fashion-girl staple, inspiring a legion of high-end designer copycats.

As is the way of fashion, even ugly fashion trends are cyclical, with a new crop coming in and out with each passing season. Narrowing in on the footwear styles from the S/S 2021 runways,

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New Year, New Ew! New Self-Care Trends Range From Snails to Singing Bowls


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For decades, the “new year, new you” mantra has been employed by marketing mavens to push new diets, new skills, new attitudes and, above all, new services and products that you can buy. But this January, after ten months in lockup, people are more eager than ever to try out new trends in hopes of transformation…or at least a break from the same old boring routine.

Salons, spas, aestheticians and fitness trainers will tell you that no matter how they’re labeled by the government, their services have been very essential through the pandemic — so much so that the self-care segment saw a big surge in sales over the past year.

“Our spa and product lines had a 20 percent growth in 2020, and that’s even with the hiatus in

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