This $38 Body Scrub Makes Ashley Graham’s Shower Feel Like a Spa

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We’ve spent the past few years working on our self-care game. Sometimes we’ve faltered, but we’ve definitely developed some soothing new habits we’re happy have made their way into our routine. One of our favorite forms of self-care is taking care of our skin, giving ourselves a little spa day, even without leaving our home!

With colder weather coming, we definitely need to concentrate on keeping our skin moisturized, healthy and radiant. Redness and dry patches are just around the corner, but using a scrub like this True Botanicals one could keep them far away — where they belong!

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Get the True Botanicals Organic Pure Radiance Sugar Scrub for just $38 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, September 10, 2021, but are subject to

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your state’s most beautiful spa

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Shoppers Say That This Body Mask Is Like a ‘Luxurious Spa Treatment’

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Have you ever seen a movie with a scene set in the spa? The characters always seem to be indulging in a lavish treatment — be it a massage or mud bath. The latter may seem bizarre or uncomfortable to you, but they’re an essential in the lives of many self-care devotees. Body masks, which are somewhat similar to mud baths, can seriously improve the look of your skin if you deal with certain issues — including acne and cellulite.

You can treat yourself by splurging at your local spa, or you can save your hard-earned cash and do it at home with the help of the latest product from Kopari! Shoppers are obsessing over their new Pink Soufflé Body Mask, and claim that it feels like getting a high-quality treatment

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When Formula 1 last aborted a race at Spa

The controversial decision to award points for last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix washout after two safety car laps drew inevitable comparisons with Formula 1’s infamous visit to Spa in 1985.

As in 2021, the cars did at least take to the track, and a qualifying session took place. But whereas F1 last weekend tied itself in knots and pressed on in the forlorn hope of getting some running in before taking the unpopular decision to call a result – prompting Lewis Hamilton to call for fans to get their money back – in 1985, the decision was taken to abandon the race on the Saturday evening.

The reason for the postponement was a spectacular own goal by the Spa management. The track was resurfaced at such a late stage that once the cars ran it quickly broke up, making a race untenable.

It remains unclear whether F1 will return to

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