TikTok Shopping Is Really Happening in U.K., New Research Claims

LONDON — Amazon is facing some competition: New research from digital marketing agency Croud claims that almost 10 percent of U.K. shoppers have used TikTok for online shopping.

The report, “The state of online fashion in 2021,” surveyed more than 1,000 shoppers in the U.K., U.S., Germany and Italy and also revealed that when asked where they start their journey when looking for clothing or footwear online, in addition to TikTok, 28 percent of U.K. shoppers said they do so on Instagram, 18 percent on Facebook and 7 percent on Snapchat.

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Emil Bielski, managing director of U.K. at Croud, said: “It’s noteworthy that a considerable amount of U.K. shoppers have used TikTok, a relatively new app, to start their fashion shopping journey — especially when you compare it to the likes of Facebook or Snapchat, which have been around for many years. This suggests that the

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