Bella Hadid’s Best Y2K-Inspired Outfits Through the Years: Pics

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Searches in this vintage item are soaring thanks to the Gossip Girl reboot

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Gossip Girl had a pretty definitive influence on fashion during its run across the late nougthies and early 2010s, so it’s no big shocker to see the resurrected show is setting trends yet again.

The new spate of Upper East Siders may be dressed to the nines in the HBO Max reboot but as the Emmy award-winner Eric Daman returners as costume designer and stylist the show has had a refreshing style overhaul too.

Fashion still plays a crucial role in GG but the the approach to the wardrobe is very different, more diverse and inclusive. Emerging designers are heroed alongside established luxury brands  and even includes gender-fluid silhouettes.

The much-anticipated show aired on RTÉ last month and there’s already been big spike in searches for ‘vintage clothing’ on eBay, the show clearly has its finger on the pulse when it comes to approaching fashion

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