Privacy Concerns Key Reason Buyers Flee Online Retailers | Privacy

By Jack M. Germain

Oct 13, 2021 5:00 AM PT

Consumers would rather avoid brands than compromise personal data, according to new research. Brands that handle consumer data transparently and ethically, however, will be best positioned to navigate and engage with this cautious consumer base.

Shopper discontent with online retail sites is localizing to two major concerns. Spoiler alert: customer experience per se is not in this ranking. It is the need for caution that prominently leads shoppers to abandon their shopping carts.

Consumers’ reliance on online shopping has forced greater emphasis on caution when providing brands with personal data. Results of a recent survey of more than 1,100 respondents conducted by marketing technology firm Wyng released Tuesday confirmed that reality.

The “Wyng 2021 Report: State of Consumer Data Privacy,” revealed that consumers would rather abandon purchases or entirely avoid brands that do not offer assurances of protecting buyers’ personal

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Everything you need to know about CBS Essentials, your guide to online shopping

Here’s everything you need to know about CBS Essentials, from our writers to our business model.

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It’s pretty simple: CBS Essentials is your complete guide online shopping. Our mission is to help you find great products for your home and work life, and to plug you into the latest deals and news about brands you love.

Our writers and editors live and breathe online shopping, with years of collective experience covering the retail business and reviewing products. We compile expert advice, customer reviews and first-hand experience to find just the right products to recommend. We are in constant contact with retailers to make sure we know when deals drop, new products launch and sales begin.  

And this is important: Our editors work independently of the CBS News newsroom; we work independently of retailers; and we make money when you buy things from our links. We will always

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